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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cosmetic Dentistry

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Education is the foundation of your dental healthcare. We believe it is vital for our patients to have all the facts so that they may make informed decisions about their dental treatment and care program.

We have compiled a selection of common questions about our practice, the services we offer, and dentistry in general. If your question is not answered here, and/or if you would like more information, please call our office or send us an email.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The length of time your veneers will last will depend on your lifestyle and the way that you care for your teeth. Regular hygiene appointments and exams are the foundation of good dental health. Following Dr. Rahimi's recommendations for the ongoing care of your veneers will help them last and keep your smile looking beautiful.

Dr. Rahimi will prepare your natural tooth for the veneer by gently removing some of the enamel. Once your tooth is prepped, we will apply permanent cement (bonding agent) and make an airtight seal with the veneer and your natural tooth. Some people do feel temporary discomfort for the first few days after the procedure. 

Cosmetic procedures such as veneers and teeth whitening are typically not covered by dental insurance. The best way to find out if cosmetic dentistry is covered under your plan is by contacting your insurance provider, or by asking our office to assist you in navigating your insurance benefits.

Veneers, crowns, and fillings can all be used to treat chipped and worn teeth. We are happy to meet with you, examine your teeth and gums, discuss your dental goals, and make a recommendation as to which cosmetic treatment is right for you. 

Veneers are made of either a thin resin or porcelain material. They fit over your natural teeth much like a contact lens does for the eye. Dental bonding is a composite resin, a white material available in numerous shades to match the color of your natural teeth.

Pacific Heights dentist Dr. Rahimi has the expertise to address numerous cosmetic flaws with veneers including: stained or yellow teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, worn or chipped teeth, poorly shaped teeth, and short teeth.

Cosmetic treatments that Dr. Rahimi offers are teeth whitening, laser dentistry, fillings, dentures, bridges and crowns, Invisalign, veneers and implants.

Implants are beneficial not only because they address aesthetic concerns with tooth loss but also because they help maintain bone structure.

When you lose a tooth, the bone where that tooth once was begins to deteriorate and shrink away. This can have a detrimental effect on the surrounding teeth by causing tipping, turning, or caving, eventually creating problems with function and bite, resulting in further tooth loss.

Implants are anchored in the bone to help prevent bone loss. Additionally, implants mimic your natural tooth and provide a stable chewing surface.

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